Why I moved to Hashnode ?

Why I moved to Hashnode ?

The journey in search of a blogging platform ends here!

It always fascinates me how people have a space online to share their knowledge and expertise. I enjoy writing however the idea of having a blog custom built was lingering for years and in this quest, wrote few articles in Medium and lost the interest gradually.

The procrastination bug haunted me for many days however the urge to setup a blog by scratch led me look at static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo and Gatsby . However I spent many hours in customizing the blog to my interest than actually focusing on the content. I lost my interest again and Life moved on.

I got to know about dev.to platform, I find it that as a great place and also what interested me was the concept of "Community" which intrigued me the most. I never wrote a single article over there however spent hours in reading blogposts and the knowledge the community published online.

I was looking for a platform which is simple to maintain, focus on content and yet have a custom domain. In this search of a perfect solution to all my worries, I got to know about Hashnode yesterday, I read about its benefits and the major driving factors for me are as follows

  • Custom Domain ( This feature is certainly attractive and the ease with which it could be configured was absolutely simple. Kudos to the entire Hashnode team!)

-Backup of content ( This is another feature which assures me that my content is platform independent)

-Terrific community: I see there is growing interest in this whole platform and lot of members are here to share their knowledge which is exciting and enriching.

Finally, I am thrilled that my search for a blogging platform has come to an end and my journey of blogging begins now. Thanks to the community for your support. Have a great journey ahead!